My first http server

This was the first http server i created from scratch...

YouTube Tags Finder

I created this tool while testing Angular.js...

Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe

I created this multiplayer tic tac toe game some time ago while learning

Sending Files With Python

Some time ago i wrote this script to easily transfer files of any size between computers on the same network...

Olimpiada Informática Española 2018

5th prize, silver medal 🥈 Website Scores

Competencia Iberoamericana de Informática por Correspondencia 2018

Bronze medal 🥉 Website Scores

Olimpíada Informàtica Catalana 2018

2nd prize, gold medal 🥇 Website Scores

Tuenti Challenge 8

26th Website Challenges Scores (Outdated) My solutions

HP Codewars Barcelona 2018

Team M-503, 3rd prize. Website Scores Problems Our solutions