Izan Beltran
Closest pair of points

Un algoritmo aleatorio

Introducción El problema del par de puntos más cercanos consiste en dados \(n\) puntos, encontrar el par con menor distancia euclidiana. Aunque parezca trivial, no lo es tanto. Por ejemplo, dados...

Plot of cosine fixed point iteration

El misterio del coseno

Introducción Estás en el instituto una tarde cualquiera. La clase de matemáticas hoy no avanza demasiado, así que echas mano de tu calculadora y empiezas a jugar con ella para matar el aburrimient...

Graph of common time complexities

De los números primos a los algoritmos

Introducción Históricamente, en las matemáticas las preguntas solían ser sobre igualdades entre valores, o sobre la veracidad de ciertas afirmaciones. Algunos ejemplos: ¿Es la hipotenusa al cua...

Fibonacci formula

Fibonacci with linear algebra

Fibonacci sequence The Fibonacci sequence is one of the few sequences in mathematics that are widely known among people outside of this field. Let’s remind how it works: You start with 0 and 1, th...

Mandebrot set visualization

Mandelbrot set visualization

Probably you know the Mandelbrot set, it’s really pleasing to visualize this set, so I used my image generation library (EasyBMP) to plot it. This was the result: Source Code

Conway's Game of Life visualization

Conway's Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life it’s an interesting cellular automaton that generates interesting patterns, so I decided to create a program to test it. Source code Executable download Console argu...

Image of two metaballs generated with a single C++ file

Generating images with C++

Sometimes I need to generate some images with simple shapes for a little project, but i don’t want to install some heavy libraries, and this is why I decided to creaty my own single file library fo...

The simplest genetic algorithm

I was interested in genetic algorithms, so I created this small project. It was really interesting to learn about it and it’s an easy and efficient approach to some optimization problems. I also wa...

Handcrafted HTTP server

While I was learning Go, I created an HTTP server from scratch, because I was curious about the protocol and I wanted to be sure I really understood everything about it, and I read about Go being u...

Multiplayer tic tac toe

I created this multiplayer tic tac toe game some time ago while learning socket.io, and I think the result was nice, you can just open it and it will connect you with the next person joining. You ...